Millions of reality TV fans have escaped the sobering moment when a show ends and they’re forced to think about their own life.

“MAFS was amazing,” says Angie Pulver. “And thank god for Bachelor in Paradise. Now I can continue to avoid thinking about my career, my love life and all those other super annoying and uncertain things.”

The 21 year old has been spending hours on the couch, at least three nights a week heavily involving herself in the affairs of people she doesn’t know.

“Look, to be honest, and I know this is controversial, but I think Jess got a raw deal. What’s the crime in liking Nic before she liked Dan?”

And when she’s not watching it on TV, or talking about it with friends, she’s reading all about it on social media.

“All the major news outlets are reporting on MAFS and Bachelor in Paradise comprehensively,” she says. “Even the Sydney Morning Herald is all over it. Isn’t that supposed to be a proper newspaper?”

The Paddington woman says she’s completely happy for reality TV to take over her entire life.

“Winter is here guys, let the hibernation continue,” she says.


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