Facebook says growing frustration from users has led the social media giant to introduce a MAFS blocking feature.

“Unfortunately Facebook newsfeeds in Australia have become over run by MAFS related content,” says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “But it’s actually the worst show ever.”

Zuckerberg says publishers which claim to be reputable news sites, like smh.com.au and news.com.au, are among the biggest offenders.

“Just because MAFS gets high ratings, it doesn’t mean every tiny development on the show needs to be written about and passed off as ‘news,'” says Zuckerberg.

Married At First Sight has been subjected to widespread criticism after the show’s producers sold out for ratings.

“I actually used to like the show when it first came out,” says Zuckerberg. “But now it’s being run by producers who think they need to inject manufactured storylines into the show. It’s not reality TV anymore.”

Facebook users keen to trial the MAFS blocking feature can find it under settings > manage account > MAFS block.


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