A Sydney man has intentionally misled his Facebook friends by trying to suggest that he made money at the Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Randwick today.

Nigel Dolton posted a photo of himself celebrating in a waistcoat shortly after winning $600 on Winx, in what’s expected to be the mare’s final race.

“Winner winner, chicken dinner! Go Winx you good thing. Easiest $600 I’ve ever made,” he wrote in a caption alongside the photo.

But an investigation by Double Bay Today has found the 46 year old investment banker actually lost $9300 for the day.

“He was giving everyone high fives all day, even though he was bleeding cash heavily,” says one bookmaker. “I saw him walk up to several attractive women and clench his fists as though he was winning.”

It’s understood Dolton was also generously buying drinks at a post race event.

“I’m in the money, I’m in the money,” he was heard singing a short time ago.

Our reporters tried contacting Dolton for comment but he’s yet to return our calls.


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